Saturday, 27 April 2013

Nivea UV Protect Body Lotion(product review)

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I like moisturizers which are not thick & absorb into skin quickly … esp. in summers I don’t want that too creamy feel all day long ,I simply want a lotion that hydrates without giving that over creamy cast and then I got this lotion from Nivea that is my parents favorite brand when it comes to need of moisture. This moisturizer also claims to provide UV protection. Let’s find out how it goes??

Monday, 22 April 2013

Chambor Stay On Waterproof Eye Liner Pencil "Forever Blue"(product review)

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Hello Friends!
Today I am sharing my experience with Chambor Forever Blue Eyeliner.
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I got it from Chambor counter at Big Life C21 Mall & I didn't check this pencil at that time
as they gave the sealed one & when I came back home I thought of trying it & initially I was not
able to roll it & once when eyerliner came out ,it dint go back coz of mechanism error &
it really got messy& whole liner came out.I think there was some problem in the batch of liner i got or
probably i dint get the good one any ways.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Five Drinks That Help To Maintain Weight(Weight Loss)

After loosing some weight I am being lazy & I have not been working out from a long time...
but yeah I haven’t gained any weight yet... coz I am paying heed to my diet...
recently I have discovered that since summers have started I am taking more liquid..
And then my hubby said this is also a way to maintain weight...

Here are five drinks to maintain weight:

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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Face Wash(product review)

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It’s been a longtime since I have tried any new face wash... and
after trying Lakme brightening capsules I have actually developed a trust on
Lakme’s skin care products just like there make up products.

This time I am trying a product from there new range -Lakme Clean Up Nourishing Glow Range that have 3 amazing products to pamper our skin: Face wash, Scrub & Mask. I am sharing my experience with:
Lakme Clean up Nourishing Glow Face Wash.

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Price: 80 Inr for 50 gm

My Experience:

I just loved the strawberry colored tube packaging. This comes with flip flop cap that
clicks lock easily & tightly. This mechanism makes it travel friendly and
 one has to press the tube to take out required amount so no wastage of product.

be beautiful with punam
The face wash is lovely strawberry colored which itself makes me want to use it.
It has thick gel like consistency with tiny & soft granules.
But I don’t find granules to do anything for my black/white heads.

be beautiful with punam

The fragrance is just like any fruit jelly, bit strong but not irritating at
all rather it gives cooling sensation in these hot summers.

It foams well with this little quantity.

It cleanse my skin  well without making it over dry or stretched but
it doesn’t give that super clean feel which is a downside for me as I have oily skin and
I prefer a face wash that cleanses my skin deeply .But I think it will be nice for
combination to mild oily skinned beauties.

I have very oily skin & in summers my skin produces more oil...
but this face wash controls my oil for more than 4 hours... which is a sufficient time

I am using it from last 15 days & It never broke me out ...i think
It does provide mild anti acne action...which is a plus point.


  • Travel friendly coz of sturdy packaging
  • Nice strawberry colored gel with soft granules that looks attractive.
  • Lathers sufficiently.
  • Gives decent cleansing without drying out skin.
  • Doesn’t leaves any residue behind
  • Refreshing fragrance
  • Last longer as little quantity is enough for whole face & neck.
  • Affordable.

Not so good:

Doesn’t give deep cleansing for very oily skin
Granules are of no help even for my mild white heads.

Over all I liked it for giving the refreshing feel & it’s great for combination /mildly oily skin.

Have You Tried This New & Refreshing Range Fromm Lakme? Share Your Experience with me.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam.:)

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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Eye Liner Pencil In Shade Violet Pearl(product review)

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Once again I am with the review of a great budget brand that also provides good quality...
i.e. Maybelline.
Today I am sharing my experience with Maybelline Vivid & Smooth Eye Liner Pencils which
I bought long back... but I never reviewed it... I am too lazy

Price: 200 Inr

Available in 12 pretty shades & all of them are bright & attractive.I am using shade Violet Pearl.

be beautiful with punam

My experience:

It comes with the black body & a transparent cap which makes locating shade easily.
The tail is also of the same shade as the shade inside.

It glides easily coz of its really creamy, soft & smooth texture , which is friendly for delicate skin
of lids but its bit difficult to create sharp look & also it breaks too often while sharpening & applying.

be beautiful with punam

Because of its creamy texture it shows cracks on skin while trying to build pigmentation.

Settles down quickly & its smudge proof, water proof for at least 5 hrs on my oily lids but
later it starts fading.

Its finish is metallic, which makes it great to use alone as liner as well as the base for eye make up .
The shade violet pearl is really unique & noticeable.

Here is how it look on my eyes:

be beautiful with punam

I have always liked Maybelline make up products... and I too like this different shade Violet Pearl.
I would have loved it a bit more if it didn't break so often & could have better texture...
but I like it for staying so long on my oily lids & that too with reasonable price.

Have You Tried This Eye Liner Pencil From Maybelline ? Then Share Your Experience With Me.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Late Nights Causing Acne On Forehead(My Experience)

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After resolving my cystic acne issues with proper diet & skin care... 
I was bit relaxed & happy to see my skin getting better than before...
but from last few days I have been noticing little acne on my forehead and 
was wondering why I have acne on forehead only… when I am maintaining the same care regime.

Then I came to know that my late nights are causing this acne specifically on my forehead.
Image Source:Google Images

Out break on forehead can be due to toxin build up. That toxin build up can be due to 
improper sleep routine. For e.g. I sleep around 2-3 am & wake up after 11 am. 
This is the worst time to sleep coz this is the time when lever doesn’t dispels toxin... 
our lever dispels toxins between 11 pm to 3 am..Hahaa I am totally opposite of this.

Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons of acne on forehead.

Lack of proper sleep & stress imbalances hormones & that leads to toxins in lever & 
in turn leads to acne esp. on forehead. 

There can be other causes as well for forehead acne like: diet, dandruff, oil on scalp, 
hormonal imbalance, and genetic reasons. 

But in my case it is due to improper sleep & schedule. 
I never thought this can also be a reason for acne but I guess it plays a major role.

What are experience with acne ? I would love to know your comments & experiences.

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Street Wear All Day Wear Compact(product review)

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I have oily skin and since winters have gone... my skin is producing more oil...
So last month I picked this affordable compact powder from Street Wear... which is is famous for
giving quality products in cheap price.

be beautiful with punam

Price: 195 INR for 10 g

Shades available :Natural Matte, Blush Matte, Powder Honey.(I am using Blush Matte).

My Experience:

It comes in a simple but nice purple colored packaging.

be beautiful with punam

The compact, mirror & puff house in the same compartment.
The quality of the puff is ok & it feels smooth but it’s not easy to clean.

Puff picks up the right amount of product for application.

The notch opens & clicks easily with the subtle press; this makes it travel friendly & easy to use.

Its texture is smooth but not very soft.

It blends in to skin easily & doesn't settle in to fine lines. Doesn't give heavy or cakey look.

It does give nice matte finish to my oily skin.

Gives medium coverage. Since it’s a light coverage product most people will
find there shade match with in these two three shades available.

Controls oil but not for more than 3 hours on my Revlon & Lakme foundation &
when worn alone its capacity decreases to 2 hours in these summers.

Here is how it looks on my Eyes:
be beautiful with punam

Conclusion: Street Wear is known as a budget brand & with this price I think
this products is nice .I liked the way it blends in to skin without giving cakey & dry look.
The only point is its capacity of controlling oil on my oily skin is a little less which
I feel should have been better.

Have you tried this compact from Street Wear? Then Do share your experience with me .

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Rustic Art Organic Bathing Soap In Sandal(product review)

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Earlier I have shared my experience with rustic art baby soap &
this soap is from the same range of soaps by rustic art.
I always shared my love for rustic art, after trying most of their amazing products. Like-
Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel, Rustic Art Aloe Shampoo, Rustic Art Baby Soap

Price: 155 for 100 g

be beautiful with punam

My experience: It is very much like rustic art baby soap. The only difference is of fragrance..
Which is mild & obviously like sandal.. This fragrance won’t last for more than half an hour, sadly…

It is not as moisturizing as it claims but doesn't leave my skin stretched or dry...
Though I always moisturize my skin as soon as I take bath...

Its gentle enough to be used for babies, I always use it for my baby...

be beautiful with punam

It doesn't melt too fast... Best way to use such soaps is to rub them in your palms &
lather them...I That way it lasts a month when I am using it twice daily...

I liked the packaging... which is not at all fancy but looks nice...

This soap is draped in a cotton cloth & butter paper...
which I think holds its fragrance as it smells lovely for the first two three days but later it gets milder .

Conclusion: It will be unfair to expect any product to do double duty like cleansing skin &
moisturizing too. Moisturizing is a routine one must not forgo. So for me this soap was satisfactory...
as it doesn't melts too fast & for my baby’s soft skin its really gentle and the best part is its organic...
but I do feel it’s expensive.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Foaming Facial Cleanser(product review)

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For me dove is the other name of moisture & softness. I have used few shampoos & conditioners
from dove & they always give softness to my hair.

It’s a first time I have been using something from dove skin care range that my hubby got from Canada.
So, today I am sharing my experience with Dove Gentle Exfoliating Foaming cleanser.

My Experience:
be beautiful with punam

The packaging is simple & sturdy .The tube is easy to use with the flip flop cap.

From a long time I have not been using any exfoliant coz I was afraid it may harm my acne.
But this is really a gentle cleanser with mild blue granules.

A very little quantity is enough to clean my face.

It contains light exfoliating beads which doesn't bruise your skin but leaves it fresh & clean.Being a cleanser i dint expect it to anything for my blackheads but i think it does work on my white heads if used regularly,which is possible coz its very mild and gentle to skin.

It has light consistency with mild fragrance & creamy texture.

It never dries out my skin.

It doesn't lather but always leaves my skin thoroughly clean.

I wish I would have got it in last winters but even in these summers I am enjoying this
fresh soft feel it gives.

Like every dove product It also has 1/4th amount of moisturizing cream in a 200 ml bottle.

Conclusion: My first experience with the dove skin care product has been good & satisfying.
I partly love it for giving me soft skin & partly because I don’t need to use my moisturizer after
cleansing my face with it. (Besides that I am lazy).I think its a great combination of exfoliant with cleanser.
Its worth a try as its suitable for all skin type,never broke out my oily skin & sensitive skin would love this gentle cleanser.

Have you tried this Gentle Cleanser From Dove ? What was your experience?

Keep Smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Monday, 8 April 2013

Revlon Shiny Sheers Lipcolor "51 Sheer Blooming Berry"(product review)

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Once again I am with pink lipstick...wink... well if you have read my earlier posts you might know my
love for pink lipsticks...
be beautiful with punam

This time I am sharing my experience with Revlon Shiny Sheer Lipstick in shade "51 Sheer Blooming Berry"
which I got from my sister as a gift long back... but I still own it as I love the shade...

Price: 545 INR (the quantity is not mentioned but it appears around 1.5gms)

Revlon Claims about it:

Revlon Super Lustrous Shiny Sheers Lipstick's exclusive Liquid Silk technology has silk-enriched
mega-moisturizers and vitamins for miniaturization and a silky, smooth feel.

Silky-smooth, creamy sheer color.

High-shine finish without the stickiness or tackiness of ordinary lip-gloss.

Sleek, stick provides precise, non-messy application.

SPF 15 for added protection
be beautiful with punam

My experience:

I simply loved the slim black stick packaging with the glass top to identify the color.
The cap clicks lock in place.

Its texture is smooth, super soft & really moisturizing.

They are sheer lipstick but its finish is glossy.

It has good pigmentation & color is build able in 2-3 wipes.

But as many other lipsticks the stay is not good- its around 2-3 hours.. But leaves a tint behind.

I loved the shade, it is not very bright..Its soft & great for office wear &
for college girls who doesn't like to wear thick lipstick.

As far as I know this lipstick is discontinued by revlon but it’s available on

be beautiful with punam

Here is how it looks on me :
be beautiful with punam

Conclusion: It’s a lovely shade with soft texture. Those who don’t like to wear glosses like me can
surely try this lipstick as they are not as shinny & glossy as regular glosses. But I think it’s overpriced.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam

be beautiful with punam
Have you tried this lip color from Revlon? Than do share your experience.

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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Kaya Skin Clinic Everyday Radiance Facial(My experience)

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My sister is a regular costumer of kaya skin clinic .This time she get rid of her face warts there...I will share that story later...well she only introduced kaya to me & yesterday it was my third visit to kaya skin clinic for taking every day radiance facial.
So today I am sharing my experience with kaya skin clinic everyday radiance facial.
Cost per sitting is 1800 INR
When I entered there clinic I was really impressed with there hospitality & hygiene. Though they kept me waiting too long for my sitting but they arranged my sitting without a prior appointment even being packed I had to leave for Bhopal that day...they were too generous J
First of all beautician sanitized her hands, (this is something one should always look for before taking any facial or beauty treatment and before threading also we should ask beautician to sanitize hands ) 
& then she cleaned my face by very less foaming cleanser and follow with aloe vera gel.
Removing dead skin:
She left that aloe vera gel for around 10 mins & follow it with peel which was not scrub nor any chemical peel it was some thing gel like which has salicylic acid in it to remove dead skin, after that my skin was really soft.
Then she used some electronic device for polishing my skin after applying some powdered form substance ,she said this will not only remove dead skin but will also polish skin deeply .. Wow...
Rejuvenating Mask:
Then she picked my blackheads & left me by applying a very thick pink peel off mask...when I touched it I could feel its thickness around ½ inch... it was some cocoa mask...she said it helps skin to rejuvenate & moisturize deeply.
After peeling this mask I could actually see & feel all new punam... really radiant & glowing punam... my skin was looking like of a baby... soft & really pink...
From the first sitting I swear to myself that I will come here again n again & after taking three sitting I could really feel a drastic change in my skin texture & tone.
P.s.: always prefer to consult a dermatologist before taking any treatment/facial there. They have there own dermatologist to attend customers. They listened to my problems very patiently.
In this everyday radiance facial they do variation according to the need of skin. They use different kind of mask like
Insta glow mask - to brighten the skin tone with some marine extract
Tea tree mask –for sensitive skin type to soothe the skin with antiseptic properties
Firming peel off mask- with natural algal for giving radiant looking skin
Fruit mask-for improving skin texture & clarity
Rejuvenating mask: it has vitamin A & astringent to give instant glow & moisturize deeply,
I am going to visit them again...
Have you tried this facial or any other treatment from kaya skin clinic?
Then do share your comments & experience.

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)