Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ginger & Onion Juice For Reducing Hair fall

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Yesterday I talked about my hair fall & five things helped me to reduce hair fall. Here is the first thing that gave me results just in one week.

I started applying ginger & onion juice. Ok I know it’s little difficult to handle it’s smell but honestly it can do wonders for your hair.
When I was in my high school I had a bald patch on my scalp & I had been to dermatologist who gave few medicines & suggested me to use ginger juice on scalp. Ginger is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine and in homeopathy. Because it has anti-inflammatory and circulatory properties, it’s beneficial to improve hair quality & reduce hair fall.
And onions are rich in sulphur which makes them effective in regenerating hair follicles and stimulating hair growth & also helps in restoring hair.
How to apply: I grate both the ingredients & sieve them to get juice, then apply with a cotton ball directly on my scalp otherwise its too runny & leave it for 30 minutes. Then simply wash with shampoo.
I am using this every alternate day & honestly i am finding great change in my hair fall ,so if u expect any home remedy to show good result ,have patience & follow regularly or frequently.
Have you tried this .Then please share your experience.
Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam:)

Are You Having Hair Fall ?

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Hair fall troubles all of us now & then, am I right?
Well I never had such bad days for my hair ever before, from last one and a half month my hair were behaving like enemies but it was my mistake only as I never cared for my hair but now I got the lesson & even I got the solution of this problem. YippeeJ
Five things I am religiously doing to overcome this problem & to great extent I am getting positive results...
So be ready to know those five things that can do wonders for your hair alwaysJ
Keep smiling & be beautiful :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Auravedic Harmonising Hair Cleanser (product review)

Well, I never heard of this brand before being to Mumbai. There I saw it’s outlet at in orbit mall & picked few thing in hurry. I have very oily & thin hair and coz of this I keep searching for such shampoo that can not only clean my scalp & hair but can keep my hair less oily & more bouncy. And when I saw it’s an oil balance therapy for normal to oily hair I was attracted & after reading the ingredients of this shampoo I was very much keen to try this.

Its main ingredients are aloe, mint & lime and as per my little knowledge all of them have the quality to control oil & clean scalp & hair very well. And the best part is it doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate (sls). Ok, now what is sls? It’s a chemical widely used in detergents, shampoo & beauty products as a cleanser.  Because of its corrosive nature it can dry out skin & scalp by removing the necessary & protective lipids. It can harm follicle by reducing natural moisture & it increases hair loss. Oops dangerous!
Ok it does have ethyl sulfate but this comes under mild sulfates.
Price: 150 INR for 100 ml
My experience: This product was satisfying as it gives my thin hair little bounce & removes excess oil without making them rough or very dry. It does add some shine to my hair. It cleans my scalp & hair very well without any feel of build up. Not a remarkable change in my hair quality or condition but nothing went wrong as well. So, for me it was satisfactory.
When it comes to quantity I finished this bottle very quickly as I need to take it little more than other shampoos otherwise it doesn’t make enough foam coz its consistency is quite thick & I always mix shampoo with water.
It’s not with very strong or unbearable smell; it has very natural mint kind smell, which is very cooling.
Its good for oily & thin hair .I think it may work well for dry & normal hair as it’s not very drying even if I don’t mix it with water. Definitely worth trying .But availability is an issue as Auravedic outlet are only in few cities like: Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Banglore & Goa. It; s even available online on (but on this site I couldn’t find this shampoo)

Have you tried this ? then please share your experience..

Keep smiling & be beautiful with punam :)

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lotus Tea Tree Face Wash (product review)

I generally use Neutrogena acne wash for my acne prone oily skin but last winters I gave a try to this face wash coz earlier one was making my skin little dry.
Price: 125 INR
Quantity: 80g
(sorry for the image )
Its main ingredients are tea tree & cinnamon. And both these ingredients are potent anti fungal & anti bacterial ingredient that helps in reducing acne & lighten spots. wowww:)
My experience:
It cleanses my skin very well by removing dirt & excess oil thoroughly.  
It’s a transparent gel kind face wash with tiny & soft granules in it which also helps in exfoliation.
It doesn’t makes my skin too dry because it doesn’t form lather I think it’s soap free (greatJ)   but I do feel little sticky on the corners of my lips & at times I felt it leaves a film behind if I wash my face in hurry or with cold water. (I normally wash my face with Luke warm water as I read some where it helps in controlling oil)
Its smell is very light & natural.
Conclusion: Overall I liked it as it controls my oil & I rarely had breakout using it. The only thing I didn’t like is a sticky feel on some parts of my face but that is not an issue if I wash my face with Luke warm water. I think it’s good for oily & combination skin.
Have you tried this ? then please share your experience...
Keep smiling& be beautiful ..:)

Friday, 17 August 2012

L'oreal Professionnel Volume Expand Shampoo(product review)

My hair is thin & oily, for this I try to choose shampoo that can add some volume to my hair & remove excess oil. With this hope I brought this shampoo.
Price: 450 INR

Company’s claim: Volumising shampoo for fine hair. Formulated with mineral calcium. Helps to provide hair with added body & bounce for enhanced volume.
My Experience:  Most of the salon I visited either suggest me to use schwarzkopf or l’oreal shampoo. And this is why I give a try to this shampoo. But my experience with this shampoo wasn’t that good the much I was expecting as it made my hair rough & dry. After shampoo I normally drape my hair in a cotton turban towel & open them after some time & I did the same after using this shampoo, and guess what I saw? Lots & lots of hair in it.:(
I followed this shampoo with conditioner many times to see some good result & even try to use it little less in quantity as this is probably the thickest shampoo that I’ve ever tried, I always mix it with some water before using. But every time I was disappointed.
After using it my hair falls badly. Even my hubby used it few times & he has the same experience.
Though I like L'oreal makeup products a lot but the first experience ever with a hair care product from the L’Oreal professionnel wasn’t good for my hair.
So for me the purpose to buy this shampoo was not fulfilled. Instead of adding some volume to my hair it subtracts my hair.  J it’s sad.

Well this was my experience with this shampoo.
Have you tried this ? then please share your experience...

Keep Smiling & be beautiful :)